The departments of the School operate and offer programs of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies and the corresponding titles are awarded.

The duration of undergraduate studies is four years (eight semesters). To complete a course and graduate, students have to register and successfully examined in compulsory and elective courses. Students are offered the opportunity to travel through the ERASMUS program for study and internship.

The School offers a plethora of postgraduate study programs and interdisciplinary postgraduate studies programs, as well as programs leading to the Ph.D. dissertation.

For more information on curricula, you can visit the Departments' web pages at the University of Macedonia Web site.

Student Stats - acad.year 2017-2018 Stats about Erasmus program (study+internship undergraduate, graduate and phd candidate students)
Department Undergraduate Postgraduate PhD candidates Outgoing Incoming
Business Administration 2322 385 38 29 17
Accounting and Finance 1160 141 41 11 1