The School of Business Administration, and its two departments, set as main objectives the achievement of high-level knowledge, professional training and employability.

The teaching staff of the departments of the School of Business Administration by providing their knowledge of the global financial structure and modern business reality, they create a special dynamic in the curriculum and a multidimensional approach to the modern challenges that the graduates will face with the completion of their studies.

The graduates of the departments of the School of Business Administration will have the opportunity to embark on a successful career, having acquired not only a premium professional training and a high level of knowledge, but also the development of characteristics like flexibility in everyday challenges making them sought-after in the job market.


Business mentality

In our School, we grow a business mentality and an enterprenial mindset, showing students the path to establish a successful carreer in Greece or abroad. We show and teach students how the world does business. Our academic strength drives original and provocative business thinking, empowering our students to challenge conventional wisdom in a truly unique academic environment.

Academic excellence

The members of the School, share their research and thought leadership with the students. Their first duty is to serve the main objective and goal of University of Macedonia: "Destination: excellence".


Teaching offered by experienced and high level academic staff

The academic staff of the School has a huge teaching and research experience. The people in our school really understand the demands of business in the modern world.

Professional Rehabilitation

High vocational training and connection to the market and business world

Modern infrastructure and facilities

Labs fully equipped for research and teaching purposes. Access to specialized bibliographic sources (physical and digital).

Prestigious and up-to-date postgraduate studies

Up-to-date postgraduate studies, incorporating the modern trends of the business world. For more information, visit the relevant postgraduate programs page of the School.